Anne’s Testimonial – FFS by Dr. Lazaro Cardenas

As a male-to-female transsexual, the process of transition has been the most difficult, life-altering, and challenging path I have experienced within my 45 years of life. For me, very little about transition has been easy.

Very little, that is, until I made the decision to have my FFS and breast augmentation performed by Dr. Lazaro Cardenas at the Innovare Clinic and […]

Feminización Facial, FFS 2

Testimony of Blair d’Lena – FFS, Facial Feminization, Plastic Surgery in México

Good evening, Dr. Cardenas:

I owe you such a great thanks for what you’ve done to change my life for the better. Your skills and artistry are recommend to everyone I know who is considering FFS. I Really love the chin reduction and the balance/proportion of the face.

With the move to my new home, I’m able to go out without applying […]