Testimonies Feminization

Anne’s Testimonial – FFS by Dr. Lazaro Cardenas

As a male-to-female transsexual, the process of transition has been the most difficult, life-altering, and challenging path I have experienced within my 45 years of life. For me, very little about transition has been easy.

Very little, that is, until I made the decision to have my FFS and breast augmentation performed by Dr. Lazaro Cardenas at the Innovare Clinic and […]

Testimony of Blair d’Lena – FFS, Facial Feminization, Plastic Surgery in México

Good evening, Dr. Cardenas:

I owe you such a great thanks for what you’ve done to change my life for the better. Your skills and artistry are recommend to everyone I know who is considering FFS. I Really love the chin reduction and the balance/proportion of the face.

With the move to my new home, I’m able to go out without applying […]

Daniel’s Testimonial – Surgery by Dr. Lazaro Cardenas


“I must say I do not have ANY regrets choosing Dr. Cardenas as my surgeon. I arrived to Guadalajara Mexico Monday May 27th, and was picked up by Vicente at the airport. First thing we did was get my blood work completed and had my consultation with Dr. Cardenas and Dr. Torres. I can say I was a bit nervous […]

Elynn’s testimonal regarding surgery with Dr. Lazaro Cardenas.

“It has been 8 weeks since my FFS surgery in Guadalajara, Mexico, with Dr. Lazaro Cardenas.

And by my album photos of before and after, I am happy with the results. (You can check out their services with pricing at TransOp.com.) He’s a great plastic surgeon with a great team to assist him which includes his wife Tere. His wife is […]

Kendra’s review of her experience with Dr. Cardenas.

“My name is Kendra. I began my M-to-F transition with Dr Cardenas one year ago August 2011 , at age 63 ( I had to wait until my children were successful adults ). My big concern was ending up looking like an old grandma and I expressed that concern to him. He laughed and promised that would not happen. Dr […]