Adan apple

Reduced thyroid cartilage or reduction of the Adam’s apple

During adolescence the physical changes that generates testosterone – masculina– sex hormone in the body of the guys are irreversibles.Uno of the most noticeable changes during this stage is the appearance of the Adam’s apple, typical male trait that does not It is more than a cartilage that protects the vocal cords than males.

The correction of this visible characteristic male transsexual women is a must, one of the simplest procedures in facial feminization operations.

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Thyroid cartilage

Conducting a small cut 4cm in one of the folds of the neck, allowing the surgeon to reach the cartilage of the thyroid which balance surplus that is causing the bulge in the neck is cut and removed, leaving the smooth and feminine surface . A bad practice this procedure would cause a deterioration in the voice, hence the importance of a qualified physician has the care intervention.

Anesthesia and Recovery

Anesthesia is local and the duration of the surgery is one (1) hour. Recovery can be done at home during which should be avoided speak.

During the first few days will feel mild discomfort by eating food, and indicative of the operation performed is only a small vendita covering the points will be removed days later by the doctor.


For more simple the surgery, the possibility exists that some complications arise such as:

  • Damage to the vocal cords and voice.
  • Infections due to inadequate intake or lack of antibiotics.
  • Discomfort in speaking.
  • Adverse reactions to anesthesia.