cejas depilacionThe brow lift surgery, also known as forehead lift or brow lift can give the patient a younger and fresher look to smooth the forehead, reducing frown lines and raise the position of the eyebrow line. The browlift / forehead lift requires a relati-time recovery rather short and generally patients experience minimal discomfort. Learn more about the different types of surgery browlift / forehead (as the endoscopic brow lift less invasive), the cost of a browlift, benefits and possible risks and complications of the procedure.

Candidates for a browlift / forehead lift

The best candidates for a brow lift / forehead lift are healthy adults who have a positive body image. The browlift / forehead lift can smooth fine lines and folds, forehead lift, reposition the eyebrow line and lift and remove excess forehead skin that has lost elasticity over the years. The browlift / forehead lift will look much younger, but not radically change your appearance.