Shortened upper lip

Face of womanOne option to shorten a long upper lip with lip lift. With this technique, the skin is taken high up under the nose and skin of the upper lip is shortened and the remaining skin is pulled upward. This will leave a residual thin scar along dela base of the nose and only the central lip pout have more volume or online. It’s always a little correction, since there will be some (slight re-elongation) relaxation of upper lip afterwords. While this is a fairly simple procedure, complications were recorded in it. A complication appears to come orbicularis sewing mouth and skin, presumably for better long term stability. However, this maneuver creates an artificial rigidity deformidad upper lip as the orbicularis muscle is rather limited to acting as their natural sphincter. It is much better to run the risk of making a negligible secondary surgery in motion the procedure if there has been any relapse. Abnormal scars also been reported. This seems to come from an effort to hide the scars on the inside of the nostrils. This sounds theoretically beneficial, but it causes a distortion of the floor of the nasal passages and widening the opening of the nostrils. Secundariocorrección nostril is difficult. This is not a good trade, since generally subnasal scars heal quite well. Changes in the shape of the nostril can be caused by being pulled down the removal of skin too (an extra few millimeters is all that is needed) below the nostril. This is why the opening is shaped wavy or bullhorn with the most among those taken at the central level philtrums. Since the skin can not be replaced, the secondary correction can be attempted by unmodificación inside the alar wedge technique. Lifts the upper lip can be a very successful procedure, but it is important not to take too much skin or make changes to the procedure that interfere with the windowsill of natural nose. In my practice of plastic surgery in Indianapolis, I take a central 4 -5 mm of skin removal pattern which tapers towards the lateral alar rim. This approach yields consistent results with negligible risks of any of the aforementioned complications.