Breast lift and implant placement

One of the main reasons why breast augmentation procedures performed in combination with the breast lift is that breast augmentation alone can not correct sagging breasts or stretched. Simply increasing the volume or size of breasts they will only fall further with the passage of time. When performed as a single procedure, breast augmentation can increase or match the size of breasts, restore the volume and restore the breast shape after a total or partial loss. By contrast, during a breast lift procedure, it removes excess loose skin and tightens the remaining skin. Thus improving the overall shape of the breasts and they rise to a new position more upright. Breast implants in combination with a breast lift as a result bring total rejuvenation, not only increase breast size, but also restore a firmer more vital.

Increased technical and Breast Lift

As you must know, there are three general techniques of incision used for breast augmentation, known as areolar, inframammary and transaxillary. In addition, a variety of different incision techniques for breast lift, used to correct varying degrees of breast ptosis. These techniques include the periareolar technique, circumareolar, vertical and anchor, and are used to treat breast ptosis increase respectively. The doctor will help determine the best cut for you according to your preferences, anatomy, position of implants and surgical technique preferred professional. To learn more about the different techniques, see the animations on breast implants and breast lift.