Molded with fat infiltration in the buttocks and hips

Woman stretchingToachieve the increase in this area we have 2 ways to secure medically.

  • Fat infiltration
  • Silicone prosthesis

a) It can infiltrate fat when (the) patient accumulation in the abdomen and / or other body parts is carried out simultaneously when performing liposuction mold making area with better projection and volume of surgery takes approximately 2 to 3 hours anesthesia local, sedation or general.

b) If (the) patient does not have good places to get fat goes to the gluteal prostheses, which are placed by a scar that runs between the buttocks (in row) to make it less noticeable as possible.
At present it looks as natural as possible and not before it got an undesirable result of “cushions on the tail.”

Epidural anesthesia, sedation or general.

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