Implant placement

Portrait of young woman touching her cheekCheek implants give more body and improve the contour of the cheeks poorly defined. People with a weak cheek structure, a narrow face or flat, or have lost the cheek contour because of age can benefit from cosmetic improvement offered cheek augmentation surgery. The simplicity of the surgery and the relatively low cost of implants make it a particularly attractive cosmetic solution.

What are cheek implants?

Cheek implants have been used since 1956 and have a proven record of providing effective and safe aesthetic improvement. They are built with various synthetic materials whose stiffness varies quite rigid to flexible. Cheek implants come in various shapes and sizes and most can be adapted to a particular facial structure. Some cheek implants, including silicone, do not integrate with the tissue and can be easily removed later. Other cheek implants such as hydroxyapatite, are integrated into the natural bone and become part of the structure of the cheekbones

Cheek augmentation surgery

When cheek implants are placed when there is another facial plastic surgery procedure like a facelift, a brow lift / brow lift, rhinoplasty or eyelid repair, implants can be inserted through incisions made for such interventions. When not performing the implant in combination with other treatments, plastic surgery, cheek implants are placed alone through small incisions in the mouth or lower eyelid. The implants are placed in small pouches that form the surgeon in the cheek tissue. The incision is sutured with stitches are removed around 10 days or dissolved in approximately the same period if placed in the mouth.