Lift upper buttock

lip2The buttocks enhancement surgery increasingly popular day Europa.lip2 The technique has improved considerably. The results are now much more reliable than in the still recent past. Demand has traditionally been highest in South America and Central America. However, due to recent advances, acceptance of buttock lift with or without magnification has increased.

In combination with liposuction and silicone implants in the upper part of the buttocks, can achieve attractive, youthful, contoured butt, even in Caucasian women who are prone to depriones buttocks.

Buttock enhancement

It is usually a combination of lifting, augmentation, liposuction and fat transplant micro.

In Caucasians, is frequent complaint about sagging buttocks. The result is a “dropped bottom” with depressions in the bottom and not very abundant at the top. It is similar to the problem of falling breasts. For best results, you can also adjacent areas lipo or too little fat.

Therefore, a combination of techniques such as the following may be required:
  • Butt lift with scar in the fold, extending to the side, in very severe cases.
  • Increase with silicone implant to fill the contour below the bottom of the back and sides. The incision (7cm) is performed at the height of the center line covering the lower sacrum coccyx. The size of the implant to be used varies according to each CAS
  • Liposculpture / Liposuction adjacent areas such as jodhpurs, love handles and sacral area.
  • Micro fat transplantation to fill a depression in the side of the pelvis.