Liposuction is the most modern European aesthetic technique. This method was invented in Italy during the 70’s by a gynecologist and subsequently used in France by a plastic surgeon. Since 1980 it spread to other countries, where it was seen as the ideal resource to end obesity. Called “no-scalpel surgery, no plastic surgery, but the body shapes while eliminating the volumes of oil than disfiguring. This technique is the ideal alternative, which eliminates the problems of traditional liposuction. Liposuction is indicated for people who have a weight apparently “normal”, not eliminate small pockets of fat, or with exercise, or with severe diets and slaughtered. We see that in old age, overweight and even obesity are not obstacles to use, successfully, to Liposuction.

Young Woman Wearing Bikini on BeachHow does it work?

It is a medical instrument that is done in a proper room, which has aseptic conditions, security and sufficient resources to handle any possible situation. It uses local anesthesia, by infiltration of anesthetic serum Adrenalize at low temperatures, which also have a greater analgesic effect, minimizes the possibility of minor bleeding and therefore less chance of bruising and a better extraction of adipose tissue the desired location. Before intervention should be marked the areas to be treated with greater emphasis noting those in which most fat removed. Then injected a serum to soften the fat tissue (where fat accumulates) and anesthesia, which may be local or general. With liposculpture specialist proceeds to extract the fat in the desired proportion and appropriate to avoid accumulations affecting figure. But may also increase the proportions of some parts of the body, hence this revolutionary technique.

Features and Benefits
  • An advanced technique of surgery without a scalpel, no injuries.
  • Technique sophisticated models the specific body part in a “craft” as sculpting (hence its name: Liposculpture).
  • Use local anesthesia, supplemented with cold, in the areas to be treated.
  • Has a very short postoperative period and hassle free.
  • It is practiced in specific areas according to individual needs

Download the scientific publications of Dr. Lazaro Cardenas Camarena

PDF plastic Surgery 2003-10 Lipoaspiration and Complications
PDF plastic Surgery 2005-11 Various Surgical Techniques for Body Contour


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