The seeking cosmetic enhancement and proper proportion of facial features may be advised to increase or decrease in the chin, to accommodate the rest of the face.

menton23The addition of a chin that must be corrected a few centimeters, can be accomplished through:

  • Implementation of a prosthetic chin, which can be of different matmenton23erials, including solid silicone, etc … To insert the implant, you can use an incision inside the mouth, the groove between the gum and lower lip (intraoral), or a small skin incision under the chin, similar to that used Lifting of the lower 1 / 3 or neck (external route).
  • Infiltration of fatty tissue from the patient using the technique of Lipostructure, with permanent results.
  • The advancement of a portion of the jaw bone by bone sections (or osteotomies) horizontal, also using intraorally. In these cases the rim of the bone is displaced and fixed in an accurate and precise, correcting the defect and if necessary is also possible to conveniently shorten a face that is too long.

The addition of a chin that must be corrected to a greater extent, be treated by bone sections or vertical advancement osteotomies. When the preoperative evaluation also highlight a malocclusion of the teeth that require a lower arch advancement, progress will be needed in the jaw, with subsequent orthodontic treatment.

To reduce a chin too prominent, you will need to make a sanding or a section of bone (osteotomy) through an incision inside the mouth. The osteotomy can move forward, shorten and strengthen the jaw.

It is important to identify possible asymmetries or differences in shape or size from one side of the face and another. Interventions can be performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation, and time spent at the health center may be only a few hours if done as outpatients, or day if you enter the clinic. In some cases very pronounced defects, in which treatments are required previously described sections of the jaw bone, it may take more days of admission. In this type of intervention is contraindicated for massage in the immediate postoperative period, which could lead to the mobilization of material implanted. After the intervention may be necessary to immobilize the area with a dressing of plaster, which will be removed within a few days.

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